About CAST Professional Publishing

About CAST Professional Publishing


CAST Professional Publishing aims to create, nurture, and distribute exceptional media products that inspire and inform educational research, instructional practice, and policy making for the betterment of all.


CAST Professional Publishing was launched in 2014 by CAST, a nonprofit research and development organization that works to improve opportunities and outcomes for all individuals through Universal Design for Learning. Founded in 1984, CAST has earned international recognition for its innovative contributions to educational products, classroom practices, and policies.



Editor and Director David Gordon has led CAST’s communications and publishing efforts since 2004, including the development of numerous books, articles, videos, websites, and other media about universal design for learning (UDL).

Prior to joining CAST, Mr. Gordon edited the prizewinning Harvard Education Letter, where he also helped to found the Harvard Education Press as its first Senior Editor.

He has published five books about education, including Universal Design for Learning: Theory & Practice and The Digital Classroom: How Technology is Changing the Way We Teach and Learn. He won a National Press Club award in 2003 for reporting and analysis, taught at Emerson College, and was a writer and researcher at Newsweek.

Nathan Trites is the Operations and Marketing Associate for CAST Professional Publishing. With the Publishing and Communications teams, he assists in the development and implementation of marketing strategies to promote CAST’s books and products. Nathan is an avid fan of music and collecting records.

B.S. Management, University of Massachusetts Boston, Boston, MA


Alison Berg is the Operations and Marketing Coordinator for CAST Professional Learning and Publishing. She helps to organize logistics for online courses and institutes, manages marketing projects, and coordinates professional publishing operations. Alison enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends.

B.A., Psychology, Suffolk University, Boston, MA

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UDL Now! A Teacher’s Guide to Applying Universal Design for Learning in Today’s Classrooms
by Katie Novak

CAST Professional Publishing

In this revised and expanded edition of the bestseller UDL Now! Katie Novak provides practical insights and savvy strategies for helping all learners meet high standards using the Universal Design for Learning (UDL) framework.
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Universally Designed Leadership: Applying UDL to Systems and Schools
by Katie Novak and Kristan Rodriguez

Universally Designed Leadership book cover

The new Every Student Succeeds Act governing K-12 education in the United States defines and endorses Universal Design for Learning (UDL) as a framework to help achieve greater opportunity and academic achievement for all learners.
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Elevating Co-teaching through UDL
by Elizabeth Stein

CAST Professional Publishing

Universal Design for Learning (UDL), a framework for designing inclusive learning environments, offers co-teachers structure and guidance in pursuing their goal to create successful learning environments for all students.
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