It’s been an amazing year at CAST Professional Publishing and we’re excited to announce three new books on UDL that we’ve recently added to our catalog.

These new books support our ongoing mission to aid educators at all levels of an organization, to help them improve their practice, and create a life changing environment for students and communities through Universal Design for Learning.

Here’s a little bit about our new titles:

Elevating Co-Teaching through UDL book coverElevating Co-Teaching through UDL
by Elizabeth Stein

The practice of Co-teaching, where special ed and general ed teachers work together to plan and implement an inclusive curriculum, is a challenging one.

Elevating Co-Teaching Through UDL is an inspiring handbook for new and veteran co-teachers alike, with practical tools and guidance to help apply the UDL framework to their partnership, improving their effectiveness while helping create a successful learning environment for all students.



Universally Designed Leadership book coverUniversally Designed Leadership: Applying UDL to Systems and Schools
by Katie Novak and Kristan Rodriguez

Universally Designed Leadership is a guidebook for education leaders who are in the early stages of implementing the UDL framework in their building or district.

With this guide, administrators will learn about the importance of UDL in a learning environment, evaluating the resources and goals needed to implement UDL, and how to begin applying the framework within their system.



UDL Now! Revised book coverUDL NOW! Revised & Expanded
by Katie Novak

In the revised edition of her bestseller UDL NOW!, expert Katie Novak made extensive changes and added 40 new pages, providing readers with a bigger and better book to help them apply the UDL guidelines to their practice.

New content includes updated real world examples, practical advice on improving student engagement, building next-generation skills, and clarifying the difference between UDL and differentiated instruction.



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