Write the World Best of 2016

Write the World Best of 2016 book cover

Write the World Best of 2016

Young Voices Across the Globe

Edited by Clare McFadden and Liza Cochran

$24.95, Paperback (ISBN: 9780997586701)


Write the World, an online community for high school students to publish and further improve their writing, collected the best work published in 2016 to create the first volume of Write The World: Young Voices Across the Globe. Write the World turns writing into a social activity through competitions, prompts, peer review, and other activities. This anthology compiles pieces first published on the Write the World website in 2016, showcasing essays, prose, and poetry from student voices around the globe.


Foreword: Michael Lydon
At Home. On Earth: Life and living on our planet
Ties that Bind:
Exploring the meaning of connections
Language & Lyricism: New ways with words
Living Sound: The soundtracks of our lives
The Art of Review: Writing in our global community
Bear Witness & Be the Change: Reflecting on what matters
Otherworldly: Fantastical places and dreamlands
In a Flash: Pocket-sized fiction
Endings & New Beginnings: A year of thinking and writing