Write the World Best of 2017

Write the World Best of 2017 book cover

Write the World Best of 2017

Young Voices Across the Globe

Edited by Clare McFadden and Liza Cochran

$24.95, Paperback (ISBN: 9780997586718)


Write the World is an online community for high school students to publish and further improve their writing through competitions, prompts, peer review, and other activities. Here the best work published in 2017 is compiled for Volume 2 of Write The World: Young Voices Across the Globe. This anthology collects work submitted to Write the World in 2017, including essays, prose, and poetry from creative student voices worldwide.


Prologue: Writing Resolution
Imaginings and Reveries: Penning New Realities
People in Words: Quirks and Qualities
The Writing Process: Word by Word
Expanses: Elements in Ink
As We See It: Prospects and Perspectives
Comments: A Critical Eye
Self Witness: Looking Inward, Looking Out
Origins: Leading Us Here
Connect: Moving Together, Moving Apart
Look Both Ways: Endings and Beginnings