In January, CAST unveiled the new UDL Guidelines version 2.2 website. Now that you’ve got the latest UDL Guidelines, how do you measure progress in putting them into practice?

Enter the UDL Progression Rubric, a new downloadable 8 page PDF tool by Katie Novak and Kristan Rodriguez, authors of Universally Designed Leadership: Applying UDL to Systems and Schools (CAST, 2016).

For each guideline and checkpoint, the authors identify teacher progress as Emerging, Proficient, and Progressing toward Expert Practice. Check it out and let us know what you think!

three example pages of the UDL Progression Rubric

Download Katie Novak & Kristan Rodriguez’s UDL Progression Rubric (PDF)


Universally Designed Leadership book cover

Universally Designed Leadership:
Applying UDL to Systems and Schools
by Katie Novak and Kristan Rodriguez

Universally Designed Leadership is a guidebook for education leaders who are in the early stages of implementing the UDL framework in their building or district.

Authors Katie Novak and Kristan Rodriguez, both experienced school administrators, provide practical advice on how to prepare building and district staff to use the UDL Guidelines to improve teaching and learning systemwide.

With this guide, administrators will learn about the importance of UDL in a learning environment, evaluating the resources and goals needed to implement UDL, and how to begin applying the framework within their system.

Available in print (ISBN 978-1-930583-62-7) and ePUB (ISBN 978-1-930583-63-4).

Visit our catalog to learn more and order a copy today!

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