UDL Now! Revised book coverThe revised and expanded edition of Katie Novak’s bestseller UDL Now! is now available through CAST or wherever books and e-books are sold.

In the preface by David H. Rose, the co-founder of CAST, he says he’s impressed:

Katie has done what expert learners and expert teachers do: She has reflected on her own performance and asked, “What can I do better? How can I make my point clearer? What have I learned from those many practitioners I have met and worked with in the past couple of years?’ Throughout this book, you’ll find the answers to those and other questions. The result is a bigger and better book.

This edition has a number of new features:
  • New chapters about improving student engagement, building next-generation skills, and clarifying the difference between UDL and differentiated instruction.
  • Significant updates based on the author’s work with teachers over the past three years in using the book. This means providing examples that better reflect the UDL Guidelines.
  • Forty pages of new content — an increase of 20% over the previous edition!

Throughout the book, Novak discusses key concepts such as scaffolding, vocabulary-building, and using student feedback to inform instruction. She also provides tips on recruiting students as partners in the teaching process, engaging their interest in how they learn. UDL Now! is a fun and effective Monday-morning playbook for great teaching.

UDL Now! is available in print (ISBN 978-19305836-6-5) and ePUB (ISBN 978-1-930583-67-2).

You can read more about this title or place an order through our website at the UDL Now! page here.